Sunday, 27 March 2011

‘Getaway Driver’ and ‘Coming Home’ by Joe England

Getaway Driver

He just wasn’t cut out for it. He didn’t even have the bottle to steal a copy of the NME, something he attempted to do as part of his own pre-robbery training, failing miserably every single time; collapsing in a fit of nerves before even stepping inside the targeted newsagent. He had admitted in full the theme of his weakness to the masterminds behind the job in the hope that after much ridicule he would simply get dropped. But even after he had explained at great length how he had only been driving for a few weeks and was anything but a good driver, they made their intentions clear once again. They didn’t want anyone else as the getaway driver.

Having broken into the site, alarms that they didn’t believe the company had invested in were set off and an escape was made over a fence at the back of the site. But he was still out front behind the wheel, looking ahead, all pensive and foolish in the car, oblivious to everything around him as he listened intently to a Teardrop Explodes album. Listening to the cassette tape right up until the arrival of blue flashing lights.  

Upon recognising the horror of capture about to befall him, he made his own attempt to escape. But having got only as far as second gear, he soon appreciated that he was facing the wrong way as he glided towards the dark emptiness of an industrial park cul-de-sac.         

Even though panic and fear engulfed him, the success of his driving test returned in him as he checked his mirror, then indicated to towards the kerbside. Having pulled over he turned off the tape, then the engine, remaining strapped in until he was instructed otherwise.

Coming Home

Lost to Fulham at home
went home
to the local
all my friends were
so others began
me off

A wanker recognising I’m alone
made some comment
about (my loneliness)
gets above himself
says my children
suck his cock
naturally to incite
but such a stupid cunt
I’ve got no kids

I hit him in the face
and when on the floor
I make sure that I kick him in
such a way
he definitely won’t be having
any children himself
from now on
he doesn’t even groan

You’re barred
says the sister
of the hunchback of
the landlord
who hides upstairs
too afraid
to show himself
without the drink inside him

Lucky man
he is
to be able to
hide like that
I tell her
then I also say goodnight all
after she again says

I exit

© Joe England 2011

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