Friday, 4 March 2011

'Millwall Away On Valentine’s Day' by Joe England

Millwall away
on Valentine’s Day
you’re making a mistake
I heard her say
as I marched out

London Bridge station and
Metal Gear Solid extras
meet and greet
with guns and cameras
clearly enjoying their role

Like SS guards obeying orders
forcing bodies onto trains
lacking empathy and decency
a familiar routine played out well
destination: hell

They call it
Cowards Way
the walkway to our end
but there’s no cowards among us
all walking tall
in ordered silence

Once inside how Millwall mocked
and roared
in such a cowardly way
from a safe distance
a perfect gesture

She was right
I had made a mistake
the wrong type of goals prevailed
that awful song played out
each time

My thoughts now abstract
flowering in the gloom
maybe get a bunch from the Esso
all the hope I had left
to save such a miserable day.

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