Wednesday, 30 March 2011

‘Three’ and ‘Colosseum’ by Joe England


Took a razor
shaved my head
but left the bum fluff
round my lips

He looked me up and down
when I got there
via the bus
I want to see The Exorcist
you don’t look eighteen
I am eighteen
you’re not eighteen

What else is on?
The Incredible Melting Man
I would like to see The Incredible Melting Man
you don’t look fourteen
I am fourteen
you’re not fourteen
I am definitely fourteen
you just said you were eighteen

How many screens you got here in total?
what else is on?
Star Wars
am I old enough to see it?
you are
a ticket for fucking Star Wars then
sold out


Went to Rome recently
wandered up and down
and wondered about
the Roman road planners
who wrote the plan
to construct such a
long straight road
in Berkshire

The Nine Mile Ride
is nine miles long
in Rome though
found impatient motorists
in frustrated roadways
hating everything
about being
on the road
so many miles less that nine

At the colosseum
made me think how
I wanted to see them
drive themselves inside this area
in their metal capsule frustration
in front of us all

Beep yourselves to death
we would cheer
fucking demand
then get the lions
to feed on half-dead motorists
impaled on wiper blades

© Joe England 2011

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