Saturday, 23 April 2011

'The Warning' by Joe England

The Warning

In the morning
(before the warning)
I’d been working
hard in
the garden

Having earned the
right to rest
I set up my best
and laid back

While I tried
the birds denied
my peace and quiet

They just wouldn’t
give it a rest
loads of them partying
in a nest
in the tree above my head
making the yellow glow
of the sun burn red

Shut the fuck up
I eventually screamed
a large bumble bee
tormenting and augmenting
my anger

I swung a fist
into his buzzing
the anti-social birds
above him
peered down and then tweeted
Lay down your life bee! Sting he!

Mother Nature
I don’t hate ya
just tell it to the bees
but mostly to the birds
to mark my words
I’ve got an air rifle indoors

© Joe England 2011

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