Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Plastic Reader

Family camping holiday
away from tents and
eco-toilets today
on a sea front instead:
windy Wittering

We’re all sat on the stones
drinking tea out of plastic
cups and watching the white flesh
turn blue on those emerging from
the cold sea in search of a towel
“You going in Sam?”
I toss my head savagely
no chance

Close to us a man is reading
a Kindle and we all regard
him for a while
he has a fixed frown of
doomed concentration
it’s either a difficult book
or he’s a poor reader
all impossible to tell
without a book cover
for guidance

We made Ann go to him
and ask what he was reading
“A Kindle,” he replied
and waved the slim case
in front of his stupid face
she came back and we made her
return to get the book title

Ann was there for too long
he showed her his white screen
they both frowned alot
and then Ann returned
broke the news
“He doesn’t know how
to turn the page,” she said

An extract from 'Nothing Poetic', a forthcoming collection of new poems and short fiction.

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