Sunday, 22 January 2012

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One new message

Message one:

Uncle Albert here. I have a quick question for you. Have you ever read The Question by Henri Alleg? He was a very articulate victim of torture. I have family going back to that time, the late 1950s, who were also happy perpetrators of torture while serving in the French Foreign Legion. They took in anyone them cunts did. Ex-Nazis, my bloodline, they really weren’t fussy. This Henri Alleg may have even been tortured by close relatives of mine. Think about that. I do. Makes me proud it does. Anyway he was supposed to be a righteous man, an intelligent man, a kind and gentle man, a journalist, a small man championing the glory of humanity. But that opinion of him all depends upon your point of view. Personally, if I was torturing him back then, well he’d definitely never’ve been able to write a fucking book about it afterwards. I’d have made certain of that. The point I am labouring is this. You better win me my money you thieving little cunt. Because if you don’t you will get what Henri Alleg never got. The full horror show. And you know exactly what that means; what will happen to you. Oh and do feel free to ring me when you get this message. I would like to offer my best wishes before you go on camera, make sure you’re calm and focussed. Prick.

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This is the opening to Matthews Passion, a sequal to Apostle and the second installment in The Last Temptation series.

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