Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pub Quiz & In His Room

Pub Quiz

It was my
guiding light
you said
having done well
done alright
but was it
your guiding light?
when the facts
prevailed tonight
in the pub quiz

You done alright
I could have said
but you were
praying so instead
I had a fight
by the fag machine
with a member
of the losing team

In His Room

His name was Boon
come up to my room
he said
when I got round there

In his room
just me and him
the others were all out
no one else in

Just how we both want it?
Boon said
I nodded back
and sat on his bed

Fifteen minutes later
we are both
on the carperted moor
of his bedroom floor

He in ecstasy
me in pain

Of my Subbuteo team
four were snapped
at the knee
by his fat knee
and Celtic went on
to win seven three

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