Sunday, 4 November 2012


Mum always talked
on the phone to
her big family in
Derry on a Sunday

normal Sunday
4 me was bath &
in bed by 7 cos
got school etc etc
but not that Sunday

got out of bath
no mum with towel
(think heard phone ring while
wearing bubble bath crown)
dad now talking from landing
you got a towel in there?
yes dad
thats good

directed downstairs
mum sat at bottom
sound of tears
then silence as I
was lifted by dad &
my left foot struck her ear

immediately looked down
hoping I hadnt hurt her
but mum never seen me
travel gently overhead
like a smiling red robin

think I said hello mum
but she had the phone
over her ear &
the cable wrapped
around her other hand
fist clenched
but not like to punch

go in there son
watch the box with me
do not go out into
the hall let mum be
dad says all that

something happened? i say
at some point like im dreaming
everythings fine dad says
lets have a teacake
he then ideas
we have teacakes

mum still crying
out beyond the closed door
whats going on?
mums okay &
no she won’t want
a teacake dad says

i watch TV late into
the night with dad
he often leans into TV
pressing channels
like he has gone mad
we dont want the news
he smiles each time

feeling strange
cos is strange
me up so late
as mum still hides
all night on the phone
& I also cant help thinking
this as it gets to nearly 10
& this staying up moment
all so new to me –
if only Match of the Day
was also on on a Sunday

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