Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sick Music

On a train this morning
a famous person sat
next to me yawning
it was a bearded
Jarvis Cocker
the pop rocker

Jarvis did not pretend
or condescend or
preach or judge
or make aloof criticism
regarding mistakes I have
made my prevailing failure
I will not derail ya

he could’ve said

Jarvis definitely made
many deliberate points
to negate away
from prickly joints
my cul-de-sacs of gloom

I eventually found
the inner strength
to show my appreciation
for the concise length
of this intelligent sensation
his non judgmental indulgence

Here now follows that exchange:
Are you Jarvis Cocker?
eventually one nod
what you up to me old mocker?
I didn’t think he would reply to that, stupid me:
same as every Sunday
oh yeah, what’s that then?
6 Music my friend
sick music?
that’s the one

Fucking legend

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