Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Football Special

Come & Write a Haiku If You Think You’re Hard Enough...

The new issue of PUSH is a perfectly assembled team of writers who, in pre-season training, have shown that they have the potential to beat all 5 previous issues and anyone else who wants to know. There is not a weak link in the side. A mixture of experienced heads and raw young talent. The starting eleven is so strong I haven’t even selected any substitutes.

Ian Cusack’s sectarian story set in the North East is a fine opener, Raymond Gorman recounts the tragic true life story of the man who had to spend his life in hiding when he could have kept Gary Lineker on the bench at Leicester City, a football away day without any football from Ian Scanlon, a dirty secret behind tinted windows from Grounsell Stannington that would surely have Real Madrid doubting buying Gareth Bale, a young footballer makes a bad decision in a new short story from Michael Keenaghan, Joseph Ridgwell buries the ball into the net with a lament to a lost friend, Joe England’s brotherly cup final is spiked with poison, Allan Wilson returns from injury with a tale to make you itch, Danny McCahon’s debut is a mod story of lost love, plus there’s our new signing, Rebel Inc counter culture literary legend, Kevin Williamson.  

PUSH 6 is available in both home kit colours (sky blue) and away (tangerine).

Sold on the street for £1.50. On sale at West Ham/Stoke City Saturday 31 August. (Before: The Lord Stanley in Plaistow from 12.30pm then from 2pm at the gates. After: The Vic in Plaistow).

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Sunday, 11 August 2013


Those who already have a copy of the latest issue know that submissions have been open for a couple of weeks. That is why half of the playing staff have now been signed up. And I am talking about quality signings that will deliver on the pitch and make your next £1.50 match ticket a continued steal.

Our scouts are now on their holidays so this is your chance to impress.

It’s a football themed issue. But don’t bother with pale imitations of John King (unless there is a new tale and way for it to be told) and definitely no sorry replications of the Brimson brothers grim.

Short fiction and poems about all aspects of experiences of going to/playing/suffering football is what this edition is looking for.

For many wise people going to football has always been a way of life, a social connection with flesh and blood and soul, everything the internet is the opposite.

Football is about loyalty and belonging, but more important than that, for the majority it is a weekly education in dealing with the perils of life; of failure, loss and broken dreams.

As the ball has just gone out of play I should also mention this.

The next issue isn’t limited to just football. Anyone who has read previous editions knows that if the writing is right then it will make it onto the teamsheet.

So if you are in front of goal right now with the ball about to arrive at your feet, then boot it hard into the top right hand corner of the net at

PUSH 6 will be out in September for the Everton game.

25 copies of PUSH 5 will be available before and after West Ham v Cardiff this Saturday for only £1.50

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Issues 1 and 2 are SOLD OUT.

But there are a few copies of Issues 3 & 4 and the current issue is also still available to order.

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However, if money is tight then good news. There is a PUSH special deal on this week.

For just £3 you can have a very limited Paypal two Issue deal. 

And even better than that superb offer, for just £4 you can have a 3 issue Paypal deal.

All Includes p&p.

But get in quick as only got five copies left of issue 3 and ten copies of Issue 4.

You cannot have multiple copies of current issue in this deal.
Thank You

Each print run is strictly 120 copies. And sales have been beyond all expectation. Thank you to every writer who has featured so far and those submissions that although didn't make an edition were still gratefully received. But a seriously big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has been buying the fanzine since its conception in March. PUSH loves you all.