Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Magnificent 25 (the writers in PUSH 1-6)

Joseph Ridgwell

Carlton Burns

Jeff North

Raymond Gorman

Ian Scanlon

Michael Keenaghan

Dirty Boozy Bastard

Bobby Dean Ward

Steve Sacre

u.v. ray

Ian Cusack

Jennifer Dunn

Anette Roller

Andrew Taylor

Mikael Covey

Bekki Collins Budd

Simon Dent

Steve Mcgillivray

Allan Wilson

Gwil James Thomas

Andy Wishart

Daniel McCohan

Kevin Williamson

Grounsell Stannington
Joe England

Thursday, 19 September 2013


The time has come for an uprising of words

The revolution will not be televised but written down

Kick down the wall

Build a funeral pyre and burn all of your previous issues*

They no longer belong

PUSH 7 is year zero

Send submissions of poetry, reviews and short fiction to

* If you no longer require previously purchased/thieved editions then give to your friends or back to me as much sought after. However, should you feel that the revolution does need a PUSH burning then please at least video in the style of KLF setting fire to one million pounds and then show the world...