Thursday, 24 October 2013

PUSH number 8

Jimmy James and The Vagabonds once sang: Now is the time to set things right, now is the time to see the light

When all seems dead and buried and you just don’t give two fucks anymore, an unknowing calm brings you back from the abyss
Your drug and drink rehabilitation can only work if you want it to work

That middle of the night when you got towed off of the M11

A second wind or forever wild as the wind

Only you can decide...

...failing that, send in something completely unrelated…

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PUSH – poetry, fiction, reviews and interviews, a cheaply made 44 page monthly publication established in March that has so far featured 28 writers.

Sold on the street in London Town at football, gigs and as this is the modern world, sometimes via Paypal

Sunday, 6 October 2013

PUSH 7 out this week


As the heading proclaims, the latest issue goes to the printers this week. And it is a real screamer. Issue 7 launches a new feature. PUSH regulars interview established writers. And this month we make a true show of intent. PUSH has two Granta Best of British Novelists, David Peace and Jenni Fagan, answering our loaded questions. These exclusive, contrasting interviews will be a hard act to follow in the next issue.

Also this month, in what is the revolution themed issue, there is great new fiction from popular regulars Michael Keenaghan Black & Tans, Ian Cusack A Quiet One, Allan Wilson Terrorist, while Carlton Burns, Joseph Ridgwell and Gwil James Thomas provide the revolutionary backdrop.

PUSH is at its best in publishing previously unheard voices and Clare Archibald's Foot-binding is a superb debut. Having had her poetry published in Issue 3 & 4, Munich's Anette Roller returns with her first offering of fiction with The Attempt. 

The earlier editions have been sold on the street at gigs and football matches and while copies will be available on Saturday ahead of The Everlasting Yeah's gig at The Roundhouse, Camden, it will not be making a show at West Ham v Man City the following week. I need a break from selling at football. I also think it is having an impact on team matchday focus. Word from Big Sam is that the likes of Nolan, Noble and Jarvis are more interested on a Saturday in getting hold of a copy of the latest issue than playing a game of football. Even after the brilliant 3-0 away win v Spurs today, Big Sam's text just now was 'let them contact you direct'. 

Therefore instead of the usual 120 print run, there will only be 80 copies of PUSH 7. That's right. This is a limited run of 80. So if you have never got hold of a copy before, this is as good a time as you will get to join the small cult of PUSH. Now real proper sales-speak. To pre-order via paypal for only £2.80 go and check out this easy link

Thursday, 3 October 2013

PUSH – a bibliography ahead of next weeks issue

  March 2013
  44 pages, 120 copies (Sold Out)
  Theme: The Man Has His Hand Up Your Arse
  Price: £1.50
Sold by post and on the street at Aldershot v Wimbledon, Chelsea v West Ham and West Ham v West Brom
Carton Burns ‘Pipe’, Joe England ‘Arriving’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘For The Boys On The Riverbank’, Raymond Gorman ‘Manic Pop Haikus #1’,  Jeff North ‘The Prison Pomes’, Ian Scanlon ‘The Numbers’, The Joseph Ridgwell Review ‘The Unspeakable Writings Of Terry Southern’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Bent’, Dirty Boozy Bastard ‘Blue Lion', Ian Scanlon ‘Maybe Friends Then’, Joe England ‘Doomed Love’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘For All The Dead Heiresses’, Raymond Gorman ‘Manic Pop Haikus #2’.

  April 2013
  44 pages, 120 copies (Sold Out)
  Theme: London
  Price: £1.50
Sold by post and on the street at West Ham v Manchester United
Joseph Ridgwell ‘Gone To The Dogs’, Bobby Dean Ward ‘Where’s Grandada?’, Steve Sacre ‘Hardnut/Fire/Brother’, Joe England ‘Mapledune’, u.v.ray ‘Tearing Down the Monuments’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Snitch’,  Ian Cusack ‘Pigeons/Easterside Nocturne’, Raymond Gorman, ‘Cobalt Blue’, Dirty Boozy Bastard ‘Fernando’s Hideaway’, Joe England ‘Long Shadow’, Raymond Gorman ‘Climate Blind’, Ian Scanlon ‘Elephant’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Dirty Old River/Ode To Vera Cruz/Fuckers’.
  May 2013
  Theme: Not London, Ann Quin
  44 Pages, 120 copies (Sold Out)
  Price: £1.50
Sold by post and on the street at launch at The Grafton, Kentish Town,
The Fall at The Grand, Clapham and West Ham v Reading
Carlton Burns ‘Mother’, Jennifer Dunn ‘Last Rites’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Ghosts’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Jack Sheppard’s Last Stand’, Joe England ‘Train In Vain’, Anette Roller ‘ Earthquake You Gently’, Raymond Gorman ‘ Beethoven’s Birthday’,  Joseph Ridgwell ‘Heroism Of The Longneck’, Andrew Taylor ‘Twig Bucket’, Bekkie Collins Budd ‘ Late Shop Of Lost Things’, Andrew Taylor ‘Elizabeth On The Sofa’, Anette Roller ‘Familiar Strangers’, Mikael Covey ‘Something Happened’, Ian Cusack ‘D Overton/Horseplay’, Dirty Boozy Bastard ‘Work, Writing, Women’. Steve Sacre ‘Bullets’.

  June 2013
  Theme: Comedown
  44 Pages, 100 copies (Sold Out)
  Price: £1.50
Sold by post and on the street at The Skints, Sub 89 Club, Reading and Paul Talling’s Derelict London Walk, Poplar
Simon Dent ‘Woolwich’, Steve Mcgillivray ‘Comedown’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Annie’, Joe England ‘Low Pain Threshold’, Ian Cusack ‘The Sporting Life’, Allan Wilson ‘Eyes’, Gwil James Thomas ‘The Salmon Man In The Crowd’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Henry Lawson’, Anette Roller ‘Milky Way’, Ian Scanlon ‘Peripheral’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘The Sawmill’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Snitch’, Andrew Taylor ‘Prefab’, Ian Cusack ‘Alma Mater’,  Joe England ‘Drinking In The Daylight’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘To Fade Away’.

  July 2013
  Theme: Music
  44 pages, 120 copies (Sold Out)
  Price: £1.50
Sold by post and on the street at West Ham v Cardiff
Joseph Ridgwell ‘Blind Beggar Blues’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Grafter’, Bobby Dean Ward ‘East End Babylon’, Joe England ‘Summer Loving’, Gwil James Thomas ‘Sparse Light’, Ian Scanlon ‘Nihilism’, Ian Cusack ‘Hobgoblin’, Raymond Gorman ‘TV Eye’, Andy Wishart ‘Frank Blood’ Joseph Ridgwell ‘Weapon Of Choice’, Steve Mcgillivray ‘Tube Station’. 

  August/September 2013
  Theme: Football
  44 pages, 120 copies (still a few copies available)
  Price: £1.50
Sold by post and on the street at West Ham v Stoke City
Ian Cusack ‘Follow, Follow’, Joe England ‘Cup Final Day’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘In Memoriam’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Relegation’, Daniel McCahon ‘The One We’ll Never Know’, Kevin Williamson ‘Evidently Edinburgh’, Raymond Gorman ‘The Ballad Of Gerry McGowan’, Ian Scanlon ‘Bad Idea’, Grounsell Stannington ‘White Hart, White Heat’, Ridgwell Junior ‘The Ace Face’, Allan Wilson ‘Tits’.