Sunday, 6 October 2013

PUSH 7 out this week


As the heading proclaims, the latest issue goes to the printers this week. And it is a real screamer. Issue 7 launches a new feature. PUSH regulars interview established writers. And this month we make a true show of intent. PUSH has two Granta Best of British Novelists, David Peace and Jenni Fagan, answering our loaded questions. These exclusive, contrasting interviews will be a hard act to follow in the next issue.

Also this month, in what is the revolution themed issue, there is great new fiction from popular regulars Michael Keenaghan Black & Tans, Ian Cusack A Quiet One, Allan Wilson Terrorist, while Carlton Burns, Joseph Ridgwell and Gwil James Thomas provide the revolutionary backdrop.

PUSH is at its best in publishing previously unheard voices and Clare Archibald's Foot-binding is a superb debut. Having had her poetry published in Issue 3 & 4, Munich's Anette Roller returns with her first offering of fiction with The Attempt. 

The earlier editions have been sold on the street at gigs and football matches and while copies will be available on Saturday ahead of The Everlasting Yeah's gig at The Roundhouse, Camden, it will not be making a show at West Ham v Man City the following week. I need a break from selling at football. I also think it is having an impact on team matchday focus. Word from Big Sam is that the likes of Nolan, Noble and Jarvis are more interested on a Saturday in getting hold of a copy of the latest issue than playing a game of football. Even after the brilliant 3-0 away win v Spurs today, Big Sam's text just now was 'let them contact you direct'. 

Therefore instead of the usual 120 print run, there will only be 80 copies of PUSH 7. That's right. This is a limited run of 80. So if you have never got hold of a copy before, this is as good a time as you will get to join the small cult of PUSH. Now real proper sales-speak. To pre-order via paypal for only £2.80 go and check out this easy link

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