Thursday, 24 October 2013

PUSH number 8

Jimmy James and The Vagabonds once sang: Now is the time to set things right, now is the time to see the light

When all seems dead and buried and you just don’t give two fucks anymore, an unknowing calm brings you back from the abyss
Your drug and drink rehabilitation can only work if you want it to work

That middle of the night when you got towed off of the M11

A second wind or forever wild as the wind

Only you can decide...

...failing that, send in something completely unrelated…

Submissions now open for poetry and short fiction

But will close Friday 1 November

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PUSH – poetry, fiction, reviews and interviews, a cheaply made 44 page monthly publication established in March that has so far featured 28 writers.

Sold on the street in London Town at football, gigs and as this is the modern world, sometimes via Paypal

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