Sunday, 10 November 2013

PUSH 8 due out this week...

Seventy years later and they’re still waiting for the Fante family to come back because they admired him so much. They love John Fante, they love Dan Fante, they were hoping Dan would come back…and I thought, yeah...I don’t think so…

Everybody takes drugs. The guy from Wet Wet Wet was a smackhead…it didn’t make him Lou Reed...

The new issue, a bumper 56 pages, is heading to the printers and due out later this week and contains two more exclusive interviews. David Peace and Jenni Fagan sent the benchmark in Issue 7 and this month it’s been raised higher.

Rebel Inc founder and editor Kevin Williamson talks to Allan Wilson about Bella Caledonia, Neu! Reekie! Rebel Inc, football, arts and politics. I could elaborate more here, but refuse to. Only to say that the interview alone is worth the entrance fee, trust me.

And if that wasn’t enough to inspire you to raid the piggy bank for coppers and silver, Joseph Ridgwell corners Tony O’Neill and serves up an ace of spades. Burroughs, SCUM Manifesto and James Fogle is just me scratching the surface of their mighty indulgence.  

There’s superb fiction, poetry and artwork too. From 15 contributors including debuts from Abi Cornwall, Billy B.S., Johnny Crucial, Rude Girl and Ford Dagenham as well as Anette Roller, Allan Wilson, Michael Keenaghan, Joe England, Ian Cusack, Gwil James Thomas, Joseph Ridgwell, Clare Archibald, Raymond Gorman and Jose Arroyo.

This is possibly the last issue of the year and the largest in size and print run to date.

Due for release Thursday 14 November, PUSH number 8 will also be on sale 23 November in the morning on the South Bank, London Town and afternoon in E13 at West Ham v Chelsea.

£2 on the street
£3 paypal/cheque (includes p&p)

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