Thursday, 28 November 2013


Here it comes.

The end of the year and the world is on the brink. But some of us are too good to go under. We are going to make a paper plane out of words with a bright colour cardboard cover all for £2 and then head off into space in search of a new home that compliments our loathing of everyday and mainstream.

We want fun and the theme for the next issue is a simple one. 


You have time on your side.

The issue won’t be out until early January. A time when famously West Ham United Football Club come down with the Christmas decorations, the heralding of the start of a painful relegation battle. Well, that painful battle has been ongoing long before the festive season.

It’s apt then that this is going to be the optimism issue.

And as I sell a lot of this small mag in E13 on match days, PUSH NINE might be quite West Ham themed too.

But that’s all I am saying for now.

All you need to know. Is this. Optimism.

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No timewasters.

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