Tuesday, 31 December 2013

PUSH best of 2013

Radio 5 live said today 2013 was the year of the only sold on the street literature sensation PUSH. Half of sales at West Ham home games. Who else sells literature at football? No fucker.


I was the caller. Dave from Romford.

But it was only because WE WERE ALL wanting to call in and state that.

This year I have been approached by many who wanted to ‘brand’ the mag and who could also help take the distribution to a realistic level.

I said to them every time the same two words.

PUSH sleeps around, snorts speed, is a pisshead, a loner, lover, doesn’t suffer fools at all gladly, might end it all tomorrow; all actions created mostly out of emotional moments but does have a kind heart and loves every writer and reader manically. Brand that.

Happy New Year.


Another number.

Hope, always on the horizon.


For now.

Only this.

Another number.


Out in 2 weeks.

Joe x