Saturday, 11 January 2014

PUSH NINE out this week

Into a New Year and PUSH at the printers this week, first time since end of November. The first 6 came out like clockwork, monthly. Were compiled and sold on a rush of adrenalin and spiritual joy; something I had never done before or planned to do and clearly liked doing. ‘Hold back now and then,’ many said. But I have always loved the buzz of not thinking too much and just doing. It can get you into trouble of course but such a tunnel vision mindset can also turn into something positive. Then along came the interviews. By the very nature of arranging and undertaking interviews, you have to allow space and time. Out once a month every month is part of the past. It’s called progress.


PUSH NINE is another bumper issue (this one a doorstop 60 pages). There are 3 debutants. We have the best poet around today in this issue. Bar none. Big words. True words. Adelle Stripe is on board. But this does not diminish the ability of others wearing the PUSH colours for the first time; Dickson Telfer and J.E.B make their mark and will quite rightly get applause as they leave the pitch.


Dickson’s submission is great and had me considering this. You see, he is from Falkirk and that means he represents yet another Scottish voice to have made a mark in these pages. I am very happy by all this – the interest from Scotland; not just in submissions but in purchases too. Abi Cornwall, Allan Wilson, Clare Archibald, Steve Mcgillivray, Danny McCahon, Andy Wishart, Jenni Fagan and Kevin Williamson have all featured. What mag based in the deepest South of England has ever had such interest and support before from those above on the map? Timely and symbolic then that I use Irvine’s tweeted quote for the cover of this issue.

Regular readers will be assured to know their favourites return and continue to deliver once again; Michael Keenaghan, Allan Wilson, Joseph Ridgwell, Carlton Burns, Ian Cusack. While the very cool Ford Dagenham makes back to back appearances and once again we have two interviews for you. In Number 8 Kevin Williamson talked about Dan Fante and this month we have Dan Fante talking to our very own Gwil James Thomas while I interview Grant Fleming. Not all of our readers may have heard of this man (this surprisingly may include some West Ham). Author, political activist, blagger, film maker, musician, football hooligan, photographer, Grant has been there and done it and still doing it. And that’s all you are getting from me here.
On sale £2 before and after West Ham/Newcastle in the Black Lion and The Vic and at the gates.  Can also be bought £3 including p&p via paypal (who like to take their greedy cut) at
Alternatively you can mail me a cheque for £2.70 or knock on my door for the £2 street price + bonus mug of tea + me talking too much AT YOU for as long as you can take.
NINE is good. That is your mantra.


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