Sunday, 16 March 2014

What the world has been waiting for...

So here we are. One year on. PUSH 10 about to hit the streets. It is a very special edition. The largest in size, 84 pages, and the best in quality, and that’s me saying something as those of you who are regular readers know the form well. PUSH 10 includes 17 superb contributors and also features exclusive interviews with Jah Wobble and Roddy Doyle. The past year has been an incredible journey and I could get all feebly sentimental here, start filling up. No, that’s all stockpiled for the next time West Ham win the FA Cup.

Ian Cusack, who interviewed David Peace in issue 7, once again corners a literary giant (that in itself is a talent) and his interview with Roddy Doyle is, I think, the best RD has ever given. I would say that, for sure. But it is very honest, natural. And again, thanks to the man for giving up his time to partake in this small mag. Which all lends itself nicely into Jah Wobble. I call this an interview. But it was actually a bloody nice meal and chat. Was a wonderful late afternoon/evening. JW is a lovely,  very talented, all round nice fella. You are going to enjoy both these very contrasting interviews. That I can guarantee.

Anyway, the roll call of those featured in PUSH 10 is as follows:

Jose Arroyo, Carlton Burns, Clare Archibald, Melissa Mann, J.E.G, Joseph Ridgwell,  Jah Wobble, Michael Keenaghan, Dickson Telfer, Ian Scanlon, Allan Wilson, Rude Girl, Roddy Doyle, Adelle Stripe, Ben Williams, Raymond Gorman, me, P.A. Levy, Ian Cusack and Ford Dagenham.

I’m not at Man Utd game this Saturday as the kick off time got changed to evening. Not on sale for Hull game on the Wednesday either. But don't worry. PUSH 10 and me will be on the street before and after West Ham/Liverpool in the Black Lion and The Vic and at the gates and by Bobby’s statue on Barking Road. Now brace yourselves. For this special issue, it’s going to be a gut-busting £2.50. Put in that overtime. Work for that extra 50p.

West Ham people, you can mail me if you need me to find you before/after Liverpool game:

PUSH 10 can be also be purchased without meeting me on the street by going to the shop page on the new website. Just £3.50, includes p&p. 

Here's the link.