Saturday, 12 April 2014


Thanks to everyone who has supported this small venture. I cannot thank you enough. So PUSH is now into a second year. The first anniversary issue was a real buzz putting together and then the selling was good too. Only got a few copies left. Etc. Well here’s the deal with submissions for PUSH 11. Last issue featured words with Jah Wobble. A very nice man. Well the exact time I was linking up with Mr Wobble for an interview, Raymond Gorman was hooking up with Wobble’s former stable mate, Keith Levene. Take it from me this is not a manufactured act. Not that clever. The Keith Levene interview that will feature in PUSH 11 actually took place one week before I interviewed Jah Wobble. So now you know. Anyway. Submissions. I have got a vault of material from previous submissions that I want to roll with. So it all means this. Desperate for poetry. Keep the short fiction short. And the theme for issue 11. There is no theme. Try and read the mag first before submitting. This helps both of us. 

Submissions here:

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