Thursday, 15 May 2014

Into a second year...

Following on from the success of the first 10 issues, PUSH enters into a second year with the publication of Issue 11, the most balanced issue to date and hits the streets with a confident poetic swagger end of next week. 
Since the interviews began the mag has towered and as this latest issue will clearly demonstrate, continues to tower.

There are interviews with some of the main protagonists at the superb East London Renaissance evening that took place in E17 recently, while Raymond Gorman interviews former PIL guitarist, Keith Levene.

I know what you are thinking. First Jah Wobble, now Keith Levene, surely John Lydon up next? No.

That's because PUSH already has a literary heavyweight waiting in the wings for the July/August issue, and I can promise you that this person is yet another massive coup for such a small mag. But more of that in a couple of months.

For now, as well as the interviews, there are five debutants. I am delighted that we have new poetry from the ‘suedehead bard of N17’, Tim Wells, as well as Roddy Shippin from Edinburgh, Jared A. Carnie from Chelmsford and Anneliese McMillan Gregg from Derry. All brilliant poets. As you will find out. There is also a name known to many making a first appearance, Steve Finbow. His inclusion, ‘The Trail’ is a short story about a young hopeful trying to make an impression at a trail for Brentford FC. It is brilliantly written and heartbreaking.      

There is also more first class poetry from the likes of Jim Gibson (aka J.E.G), Ford Dagenham, Andrew Taylor, Pepe Arroyo, Joseph Ridgwell and Ian Scanlon.

Plus some superb new fiction.

‘Thief of Fire’ is Ian Cusack’s 1980s tale of love, sickness, The Mekons and a petrol bomb thrown in the West Ham end at St James Park, while Michael Keenaghan’s ‘Turbulence’ takes us into the unstable mind of a soldier back on home soil and struggling with booze and haunting memories of a recent tour in Afghanistan. Joe England’s ‘Combining’ is about a middle aged roofer, with a history of failed relationships, taking his new girlfriend to her first game of football.

As I have already said, the most balanced issue to date. And I know you will agree.

PUSH 11 is 60 pages and back to only £2 + p&p.

You can pre-order for £3 including p&p from this handy link:

* PUSH 11 will be available to order direct from the website from Monday.

** There are still copies available for the only ever reprinted issue, PUSH NINE, which features interviews with Grant Fleming and Dan Fante. You can order from here:

Issues 1-8 and 10 are all SOLD OUT.