Sunday, 29 June 2014

PUSH 12 info

This is not a call for submissions. I have received so much new writing since Issue 11 came out a few weeks ago that I have more than enough to pick from.  The hard fact of doing this is that not everyone will get in. And it has nothing to do with the quality of writing. Because everything I have read is up there with anything that has been featured in PUSH previously.
        It's all about having no room at the inn. I’ve got folk sleeping on the stairs in this issue. Issue 12 really is a full house.

        You can still submit. But it will not be in this issue. But with that all said, a big thank you to everyone who has submitted. I mean that. I cannot thank you all enough. It has given me a headache, but one I wouldn’t want to take a pill to stop.
Another reason why I have not had to open submissions is due to the interview with John King that took place on Thursday. It is the centrepiece of the issue and I am grateful that John took the time to answer my questions and share a few beers. Those wanting to know about what is happening with his current writing and why there has been a delay since the release of his last novel, will find out in Issue 12. A great deal of ground is covered. And just like with my previous two interviews and meets (with Jah Wobble and Grant Fleming) John is also a very charming, friendly, approachable, top fella.

Those that know me will tell you that after Issue 6 – The Football Special – I was all ready to call it a day. Thought the mag had run its course and had little more to offer. Then along came the interviews and an increased surge/quality of submissions. And so on we journeyed. Which was the right move.
        Right now I see Issues 1-6 as Volume One and Issues 7-12 as Volume Two.
        And so, with this next publication, Volume Two then comes to a close.
        Where to next?
        I really don’t know right now.
        Only know this for certain.
       PUSH 12 will hit the streets for the opening game of the new season, 16 August, West Ham/Spurs.
        You will find me and the boy Jamie at the gates from 1pm and in Plaistow after.
        Only £2 on matchdays.
       The rest of you will have to have it brutally shoved through your letterbox at the rip-off price of £3.
        Until then.
        Watch this space.