Sunday, 27 July 2014

Something's Coming - PUSH 12 out this week

Ahead of schedule, PUSH 12 goes to the printers this week.

In an 18 page conversation, John King, author of The Football Factory, Human Punk, The Prison House, talks about – his early days of going to football, fanzines, travelling, Agatha Christie, Irvine Welsh and Kevin Williamson, the film adaptation of his first book, the art of writing, the state of modern day publishing, some more Chelsea FC, how he nearly supported West Ham (that’s my angle and I’m sticking with it) football in general, his own publishing house and exclusive news on his latest writing.

And trust me, that’s a seriously lazy summing up.

As well as John King, there is also some first class poetry that quite rightly has far too much attitude and always sits in the second class smoking carriage of this train. I’m talking Tim Wells, Ford Dagenham, Allan Wilson and Joseph Ridgwell. And the themes they are celebrating/lamenting are Mary Millington, some casual psychosis while walking down the Kings Road, sex on a balcony in Paris and the death of the East London boozer.

Also, there’s some truly superb new fiction.

Michael Keenaghan’s Friends, is a story that once again cements why he works so well in this mag, certainly has some twists and asks can you really ever trust your friends? Ian Cusack’s Home Game is a sequel to his short story Thief of Fire that appeared in the last issue; we are taken back to the same fire bomb Newcastle/West Ham game but from a narrative heading up north from East London. Like Michael, Ian is a brilliant writer. Paul Irving makes his debut with No Nay Never, a short story commenting on modern life, the loathing of Reading FC and the hardship of being a Burnley supporter. Set before the promotion of last season, the words are still timeless and honest. While from me you get part two of Combining and what happened to self-employed roofer Bill Ripley when he took his new girlfriend to a game of football. Will it have a fairytale ending? Doubtful.

And finally, do not worry, PUSH page 3 fella Jose Arroyo is still on the scene and his brand new woodcut artwork really does help make the mag keep ticking. A fucking genius.

Yes there’s quite a big football angle to this issue, just like this time last year with PUSH 6: The Football Special. But it is the start to the new season and I do sell the mag at football etc and the public does get, what the public wants…but you do not need to have an interest in Association Football to enjoy this issue. 

Some copies hot off the press will be on random sale next weekend at the Schalke 04 tournament in Düsseldorf, Germany from 01.08.14 to 03.08.14

Then on sale via me and Jamie outside the main gates between 1pm and 2.30pm opening day of the new season at West Ham/Spurs 16.08.14

I’ll also be on the street and selling at the Edinburgh Book Festival on 20.08.14 & 21.08.14

Failing that, go to the website and place your order and I will put one in the post with your name on it. (once my stateside mate Pills Mills has sorted out the link, which will be any time soon).

PUSH 12 is 66 pages.

Only £2 on the street, £3 by post.

Disclaimer: PUSH is not a money making enterprise. And hopefully never will be. Other than what I pay Jamie, all coins, notes and postal orders from sales are banked in anticipation of a future issue etc, etc…

Love you all