Sunday, 31 August 2014

issue thirteen

The current issue featuring an interview with the author John King (only got a few  left) was the largest print run and the fastest selling PUSH to date, therefore the money is already banked for the next one. Which means for a limited period only, submissions are now open for issue thirteen.

Is there a theme?

There is. Drinking. Pubs, parties, drinking alone, in company, in grief or celebration, numbing the pain of existence or heightening the brilliant wonder of being you, being here now, alive.Or. How you kicked the drink into outer space. Forever. And feel all the better for it...

The writing in the mag can often be quite brutal, but this is always married up to some tenderness.

Both sides are urged to meet again in this issue.

Fiction of about 2,500 words max would be ideal but longer work will also be considered.

Poetry, artwork & reviews obviously also encouraged.

Does seriously help if you are familiar with PUSH before submitting.

I plan to publish issue thirteen in 4 weeks time and the mag will be available for £2 on the streets of East London before West Ham/QPR on Sunday 5th October.

Alternatively, the magic of receiving some important mail when coming home after a shit day can also be arranged, at a slightly augmented cost of £3.

Please send your submissions to either or 

The clock is ticking, the bell about to ring, so get your drinks down you quick people…

ps: if your submission isn’t booze related but still works alongside the other contributors, don’t worry, you will still get let in via the tradesmen’s entrance, if you mention that you know me from football etc…

pps: also just decided this about the future of PUSH. There will be a minimum of 99 issues. So yeah, it’s not about to run out of juice and fold…

ppps: hopefully there will be a PUSH anthology (best of issues 1-10) out soon. watch this space...

cheers, Joe and thanks David