Tuesday, 16 December 2014

PUSH 14 submissions open...

Right, this is what is now happening. With the anthology out and putting so much focus, obviously, into promoting that handsome claret and blue wonder, my plan was for some long downtime and then open submissions for issue 14 mid January, make it something unlike any of the previous, and put it out in March as the second anniversary issue. The plans for the second anniversary issue were all ready to roll, well all ready to roll well into the new year.

But then I just thought, fuck it. All that plan can now be issue 15.

So that's why PUSH 14 is going to be out in January.

Submissions open now. Theme? I dunno. Top of my head. Ball of confusion. Those that know me will get that. And that ball is definitely not football related.

I have had some very good submissions sent already but most of them I would like to keep and use in 15. I will talk to those about this though so we are all happy.

Even if this is a throwback smaller issue, don't care. Needs to be an issue out next month.

Send your words of confusion to joe.england64@gmail.com

Word doc please as my laptop is having a strop and wont let me cut and paste.

Think this might to be a limited edition small print run. 70 copies. Or even less. But we'll see what happens. What will happen is that it'll be that continued PUSH forward.

PUSH - the best of the first 10 issues - can be bought from East London Press.


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