Wednesday, 10 December 2014

PUSH book launch party, the raffle, some photos

Saturday was of course the book launch and massive raffle in E17. Before then on the Friday, I had a meet in The Boleyn pub, next to West Ham's ground, for a feature about the mag and the anthology. I think it went well. But I was being interviewed by a massive Arsenal fan, so you never know how these things will get manipulated! Seriously, he is a very wise and honest gent. Was a pleasure to meet up and that's all I'm saying for now.

So on to Saturday and the launch. And I've got to thank everyone who turned up, bought the book, bought raffle tickets, had a good time. And it was a good time. Dickson Telfer flew down from Falkirk and ended up the main act. I have met and engaged with many of the contributors, and Dickson is up there with the best. He is fucking brilliant. Everyone was on the night, but he scored a cool brace at the end. And you should all go out right now and buy his new book Refrigerator Cake.

So on to the party. Here are photos taken by Paul Talling who is with a couple of mine bunged in.

DJ on the night was Mark Raison aka Monkey Picks. Cool as fuck as usual.

I did the first reading. 'Arriving' that was in issue one. But I was all over the place with my delivery and make no excuses. But was pleased to be told after went down well!

Joseph Ridgwell was up next and he'd had as much to drink as me. Seen hear reading 'Keep Rocking 1990' that was in issue ten. His old man, an amazing guy, sorted out the venue free of charge. Thanks Dougie from all of us.

Michael Keenaghan reading 'Bent' that featured in issue one. We had major problems with the mic  during his reading but Michael didn't let that phase him.

The mic was now a redundant associate so Raymond Gorman read 'The Ballad of Gerry McGowan' that was in issue six right into our faces, and it worked a treat.

Dickson Telfer. A PUSH legend. Reading 'Ella 21:18' that was in issue nine. A wonderful man, writer and performer. End of.

Raffle! Raffle! Mob rule sang that. You all did. There were a lot of prizes related to the mag. Raymond Gorman signed this superb EP and love this photo, Where's her hand going! Tangerine Press main man Michael Curran and Adele Morris in shot, behind Adele is Ben Williams author of 'Stranger' that was in issue ten and in the anthology. Came down for launch and glad he did.

John King kindly brought some books down to raffle. This one. 'There Ain't No Justice' by James Curtis, is published by John and Martin Knight's publishing house London Books.

Next up a packet of Crawfords Crackers. We don't do cheapness.

Okay we do do cheapness. Deano wins again. Long story!

I should have never put this into the raffle, but the West Ham connection etc. My brother bleeding well won this. Best moment of the night. He gave it straight away to his son, and future West Ham legend Frederick. Born and bred in East London.

Watching Raymond.

Steve Finbow and Raymond Gorman.

Harriet Bleasby who done the book design and proper on the lash. 

Michael Keenaghan has been in the mag since day one and another legend. On far right is the man who runs Hand Job. Jim Gibson. A great lit zine and he is fine company. 

My two very good mates Steve and Craig, seen here either side of Harriet's fella George - all of them got lucky in the raffle! 

Paul Talling who has kindly allowed me to use his work on the covers of many of the first 13 issues, and took photos and made great company on the night. Cheers mate.

Craig giving jealous glance to Dickson Telfer with John King in shot. Get over yourself Craig haha!

Ridgwell on the decks. Leave it to the Monkey main man mate.

The party is over. Dickson, John & Raymond. 

This book is good too !

I mean it man...

Even though this fella is holding PUSH 1-13 boxset raffle top glory, him and Deano apparently shared a split and meant Deano was strolling out the door with another PUSH 1st prize, this time a handsome tupperware boxset glory under his arm. Seriously, Deano is either very lucky or a gangster...

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