Wednesday, 3 December 2014

PUSH Book Party

Saturday is the launch party of the book and as the poster explains, it is taking place in the Private Members Bar at Orford House Social Club in Walthamstow from 7pm until late. All welcome.

From what I have heard, it definitely sounds like it will be a good turn out. There will be an opportunity to buy the book, we have a very cool London DJ on the decks and there is also the much talked about PUSH raffle #3. But this one is a bit special. Among many prizes related to the mag is the ultimate first prize. All 13 issues of PUSH - the immaculate collection out of my immaculate collection. I may regret one day parting with these small wonders, but I am in a generous mood right now and the horse has bolted so no turning back.

On Saturday night the PUSH box set could be yours; I have shelled out £6 on the box to house the immaculate collection yesterday too.

But failure in the raffle isn't the end of the world. As I said, there's good music and booze and of course there's the star of the show - the book. Also many of the contributors will be in attendance and one, two, maybe more of those who have been interviewed in PUSH will be there. Hope to see you there too.

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