Thursday, 1 January 2015

PUSH 14 - first issue of 2015

I didn’t plan for issue 14 to come out until March as I fancied some downtime and from December it was all about focussing on the anthology. But the book is in good hands with East London Press and selling well. I also had a number of submissions that were in my inbox and starting to kick off. Spouting things like, ‘The only reason I came here is because I heard there is no waiting in limbo with PUSH. You send, and if accepted, it’s in print within a couple of weeks, not 6 months like other magazine publications.’

Point taken. And so I went to work.

The compiling of this issue was very quick. Submissions were opened and then closed within 48 hours. The standard of writing, exceptional. PUSH 14 is, in my opinion, by far the best issue yet, 66 pages of literary dynamite that will explode into your lovely faces.

This is the first issue where I am not player-manager. I just picked the team; a team that includes 6 making their debuts.

Issue 14 in order of appearance:

P.A. Levy
Michael Keenaghan
Tim Wells
Wayne Holloway
Dean Lilleyman
Joseph Ridgwell
Martin Appleby
Paul Reaney
Jim Gibson
Gary Budden
Gwil James Thomas
Ian Cusack
Raymond Gorman
Jon Tait
Ford Dagenham

PUSH 14 is out on Thursday 15 January and on sale before and after West Ham/Hull City on Sunday 18 January.

Cost –
£2 on the street
£3.20* by pigeon post
A link will appear on the website soon. However pre-orders can by made via paypal to here:

* I have had to add 20p to postage because a) I lost one of my jobs in December and money tight and b) paypal take a greedy fat cut on each order that I need to recoup.

PUSH, shoestring budget? You bet. 

** The Julian Dicks 'tackle' is for the record from a game v Wolves not Hull City. But I fancied including as Wolves wear the same colours as Hull (so made it apt to a point) and it is also an image that says everything about PUSH 14. Trust me, this issue takes no prisoners.