Sunday, 8 March 2015

PUSH 15 - second anniversary issue

PUSH has made it to a second anniversary. The first year I was surprised it lasted. Not now. The ever growing interest, sheer volumes and quality of submissions, plus the fact it is slowly but surely breaking into the media, well the future looks good. The book - best of the first 10 issues - has been out since December last year and continues to sell well. No wonder East London Press want to put out another anthology later this year. Has there ever been 2 anthologies of a mag let alone within one year?

So onto issue 15. In this issue there is no contributors info page. It may return but for now, it has been retired.

This is the first time the majority of the contributors have stuck to the theme. It really has a bit of a violent edge to it. Not for the faint hearted. But there are respites of calming, chinks of light in the choking fog. As you turn each page you'll be checking over your shoulder that you are not about to get ambushed. You will sleep with the landing light on all night for a few weeks too once you have indulged 15.

In this issue there are some familiar names and those who are starting to make themselves known. Tim Wells, Ford Dagenham, Michael Keenaghan, Raymond Gorman. Ian Cusack, Jon Tait, Dean Lilleyman, Michael Hayes, Kevin Williamson and Joseph Ridgwell.

There are six new faces. Nick Mott, Tom McColl, Jenni Doherty, Craig Gibson, Siobhan Curley and Jamie Hall. The latter is the same Jamie who has sold a few copies of PUSH on matchdays and has been knocking on my door to have something published. He makes a cool debut and at just 16 years old, is the youngest contributor to date.

There is also a very good and exclusive interview with Kosmo Vinyl. Now New York based, he is a West Ham man through and through and he has had an important cultured life; and KV continues to do so. A few times there are comments about the interviews in PUSH that go along the lines of, 'worth the money alone'. Well this definitely applies to Kosmo. We talk about his life, Ian Dury, The Clash, his art and West Ham. My kind of interview.

Details will appear on the website soon but you can pre-order via Paypal here:

PUSH 15 will set you back as follows:

On the street: £2
UK post: £3.50 (includes p&p)
Rest of the World post: £7 (includes p&p)

Now I am not sure I will be selling at next West Ham home game v Sunderland. TBC. But Jamie might have some copies on him after the game.

I will however still be selling PUSH at football in East London before and after the following games:

Saturday 14 March. Clapton FC v Basildon United. The Old Spotted Dog Ground. E7
Saturday 28 March. Leyton Orient v Port Vale. Brisbane Road. E10.

Finally, if you haven't got a copy of the book, then sort your life out. Here's a review from The Skinny magazine to help make you do the right thing.

Buy from the publishers at this link:

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