Sunday, 15 March 2015

PUSH on tour: next stop West London

The next stop is not a surprising one for me. West London. Even though PUSH has its origins in East London this third stop on the book tour is as exciting as the last two. East London Press put the book out and East London since the age of 7 is where I have watched my football. Mostly with a long shake of the head, but that is the West Ham way. Hereford Utd in the FA Cup, Dowies winner for Stockport, Bond Scheme, Icelandic bank collapsing. But also Billy Bonds lifting cup (twice) Zamora winner in 2005 and Carlton Cole & Vaz Te goals in 2012.

Not all doom and gloom. So. Anyway. Walthamstow book launch was a great night but has to be said, Derry in January was a bit special. But now West London. John King wrote the intro to the book and since his interview in issue 12 there has been a Chelsea connection.

cfcuk - without question, the best fanzine still hitting the mark - has been a great support and the editor has become a man I respect.

Now, get this. Stating the obvious to those that have been here since day one. But PUSH isn't part of some happening litzine revolution. Its roots are in football culture. Always has been. Would never have grown if not.

PUSH doesn't fly flags for other 'litzines' that are sold online - though does love deeply the likes of Jim Gibson's Hand Job - read and take that as you like! But PUSH does support street selling mags and has more in common with cfcuk and sold on match day football fanzines than any literary zines. It does.

And as for don't get me talking about the raffle. Raffle knockers, stand back. This isn't a gimmick. Come along Thursday and find out what I am talking about. I am giving away treasure. You want gimmicks? Then sign up for the newsletter. PUSH Jumble Sales coming up soon.

For now. Issue 15 also on sale now and on the night.

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