Sunday, 26 April 2015

PUSH number 16

PUSH has always been about momentum and so it is no surprise really that the latest issue is at the printers and out this week.

Inside issue 16 is poetry from Tim Wells, Simon Dent, Michael Pederson, Jenni Doherty, Peter Burnett and Ford Dagenham. There is new writing from P.A. Levy, Anette Roller, Geraldine Quigley, Dean Lilleyman, Ian Cusack, Michael Keenaghan, Joseph Ridgwell and Martin Hayes. Jose Arroyo returns with more stunning woodcut artwork; he has three pieces of work featured plus some photography. There is also photography by PUSH regular Paul Talling of Derelict London and, making their stunning debuts, Scott Hukins and Meghan Lilleyman are responsible for the front cover.

This will be the same size as the last few issues and once again will feature a colour cover. The 1960s days of black and white TVs are over. PUSH is now firmly rooted in the 1970s. Colour but never digital.*

*Until global demand ensures PUSH goes digital.

Details on ordering will appear on the website soon but you can pre-order your copy now via Paypal here:

PUSH will hit your spend as follows:

On the street: £2
UK post: £3.50 (includes p&p)
Rest of World £7 (includes p&p) *
* if you are based in Europe mail me direct as should be able to do cheaper postage.

First mail out is Thursday.

Due to new job commitment, I will not be at West Ham v Burnley on Saturday but I am working on geting some copies over on the day. But there are a few street selling opportunities planned during May and June. Info to follow.

What I can confirm is happening is the official launch night of issue 16. This will take place on Thursday 21 May in the Grand Central Bar in Derry. The same location of the book launch part 2 back in January. That night was a bit special and this one looks to be as good. And yes, there is a raffle and a Derry City Subbuteo team is the first prize as well as many rare books from out of my collection. I am all heart. ps: this issue will not disappoint or your money back.

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