Sunday, 7 June 2015


There has been no submissions for the summer special. That is because it is already done. It hits the streets on Thursday 25 June and will tour various places - London, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Derry - throughout the coming months. Cost- £2 on the street, £3.50 via Paypal, outside of Europe £5.50. Paypal

This issue features only 2 previous contributors: Michael Keenaghan and Dickson Telfer. Debuts from Robert Chalmers, Mark SaFranko and J. Carrie arrive and deliver.

Plus original illustrations and words from Janne Karlsson from Sweden, who supports Leicester City.

There are also interviews with Thurston Moore, Johny Brown and we have also got the brilliant Blueblagger talking about his new novel published by London Books.

Would also like to mention some news from the publishers of the PUSH book, East London Press. They have their second book out in a couple of weeks. 'The Girl Who Ate New York' by Manchester's HP Tinker.

And if you think they are taking the rest of the summer off, you don't know these guys. They make me feel lazy. PUSH 2 is out mid-August. Viva East London Press.