Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Rebellion Festival

Thanks to John King and Dom Warwick, I got an opportunity to appear on the literary stage at Rebellion in Blackpool over the weekend. To most, it is a punk rock festival and little else. While essentially punk rock does hold on to the reigns, it is not limited to the music. There is a fringe festival complimenting the music; craft markets, face painting (yes, face painting) a cinema, various workshops, a healing area (I was there most mornings) and of course a literary stage.

I have got to say that I was particularly pleased in the literary review to be on the same pages as Cathi Unsworth, Steve Diggle, Roy Ellis, Blueblagger, David Schaal.

There were many highlights on the literary stage. There was a great deal of both tender, comic and hard hitting poetry. Vince Mahon from Hackney was a real source of energy and intelligent positive thoughts. He really had a stage presence as did David Schall, who saw my interview and we talked West Ham and PUSH after. David has played numerous TV roles, Ashes to Ashes, The Office and he played Jay's dad in The Inbetweeners. His poem 'Tory Tim' which we all demanded he also did as an encore, was as good as anything on show at the festival.

The interviewers were all on top of their game throughout the weekend - Rhoda Dakar, Garry Bushell, Richie Rocker, Johnny Wah Wah and Alex Ogg. The stand out interviews were Garry Bushell's interviews with Symarip legend Roy Ellis and punk poet genuis Garry Johnson, Richie Rocker's interview with Blueblagger, but best of all was Infa Riot's Lee Wilson going toe-to-toe with Rhoda Dakar. You had to be there. Rhoda is a natural interviewer in my opinion. Her interview with Cathi Unsworth was superb. But the Literary Festival was all good. And yes, there were bands on too.

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