Thursday, 24 September 2015


You want to talk to me about momentum?

5MANAGERS features Bobby Ward, Liam Tyrell, Essex Tom, Chip Hamer. Plus exclusive interviews with Frank Lampard Senior and Cockney Reject, Jeff Turner + special Opposition Viewpoint interview.

PUSH 18 features Ford Dagenham, P.A. Levy, Michael Keenaghan, Ian Cusack, Saira Viola, Joseph Ridgwell, Paul Reaney, Naomi Richards, Geraldine Quigley and Carlton Burns.

Both issues on sale at West Ham/Norwich City for only £2.50 per copy.

UK Paypal £3.70 to (includes p&p + Paypal rip off take) if not at game. Or just £5.20 for my 2 mag special deal.

Don't get in a fight about it, but both mags will sell out fast.