Tuesday, 1 December 2015

PUSH 19 - 5MANAGERS issue 2

These 2 mags are the best I have ever put out. PUSH 19 has poetry from Ford Dagenham, Saira Viola and Bethnall Green's Mark Thornhill.

Fiction from Michael Keenaghan, Dickson Telfer, Ian Cusack and Joseph Ridgwell.

Silvertown photography by Paul Talling.

Plus an exclusive interview with Linton Kwesi Johnson.

5Managers issue 2.

Interviews with Mark Ward, Grant Fleming, John King and a special artist feature by Paul Town + all you got in issue 1.

Man of few words? Buy the mags if you want a good read.

Both £2 on the street and £3.50 paypal to joe.england64@gmail.com

Paypal take a greedy cut so you can also email me at same paypal address to find out where I sell on the street and can mail you at cheaper cut.