Sunday, 11 December 2016

5MANAGERS - The London Stadium Issue

After last season's editions of the what was to be a one season only fanzine celebrating the end of an era watching football in E13, here we are again with a special issue. It had been planned for the best of the first 4 issues to be published as a book by East London Press - Mark Ward had already written the foreward and the book was intended to be the perfect stocking filler for Christmas. But with events as they have unfolded since August, the book has been put on hold until spring and another edition put together.

This issue, unlike all that went before, does not have any player interviews. This is all about voices from the terraces. And it covers all aspects of what has been going on and what all those think the future holds in store. It has a very balanced cross section of opinion and I am very pleased with the end result and think it will be considered a very important issue, not just right now, but in years to come.

Features contributions from Mick Webber, Brett Tidman, Paul Woods, Neil Taylor, Nigel Kahn, Jamie Hall, Jon Trevor, Jeff Turner, Ray Bussey, Dave Stannard, John McCrea, Liam Tyrell, Chip Hamer, Andy Clugston and Andy Halford.

A steal at only £2 and on sale Wednesday at Burnley game. Early doors in The Vic, Plaistow, then heading over Stratford at a pub or two (TBC).

If you can't make game (and I will not be about for Hull on Saturday due to work) then you can purchase by post via Paypal for £3.50 at

Monday, 24 October 2016

PUSH 23 Launch Party

'Sandinista Girls' photo by Grant Fleming.

This Saturday in the upstairs function room at the Horse & Stables, 124 Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7RW,  is a very special PUSH launch night. This is the first issue where all male voices have been excluded. PUSH began its life sold on the street at West Ham with stories of gang crime, London drug scenes, anger, hard cutting edge male voices. But this was because I had a targeted readership. The alternative read home on the way home after the game. 

But the fanzine evolved from issue one to a point in time where the ladies have taken over the lunatic asylum. And they have delivered. I say they. But we are 2 different creatures. Male/Female. I called it the female rage issue. But actually all the words are about the disappointment in experiences by the likes of my side of the fence. It has been a hard issue to edit as seen myself in some of the words. 

All I can say though is that PUSH launches are not like any other literary launches. Anyone who knows me definitely knows, I cannot do this business seriously. The mag is. But I like the launches to be fun and this one will be. Readings, music and the famous raffle will prevail and the prizes are by far the best yet. It is free and starts at 7pm. Come down to the heart of London Town Saturday. Money back if you feel you have been let down.

Friday, 19 August 2016

PUSH 22 has hit the streets

After a week of trauma at the printers, which undertook a second large print run, PUSH 22 has finally arrived. I have called it the best issue to date. A firm statement of intent as I truly believe in all previous issues. With 2 superb interviews - Matt Johnson (The The) and Youth (Killing Joke), respectively - there is also the best counter culture cutting edge poetry and fiction plus the brilliant photography of Derelict London's Paul Talling.

PUSH 22 will be available to buy at West Ham v Bournemouth on Sunday in The Refreshment Rooms and The Carpenters Arms and inside the ground, if I can get away with it at this new place.

On the street at only £3 for what is basically a small book.

It will be on the website shop page soon but for now you can paypal £4.50 to

I said it is the best yet. Now buy a copy and see if I am right. Also well out of pocket due to issues we had with first print run, and as I am self-funded I never make from any publication, but will definitely lose out big time even if it sells out (which it will) but do need to recoup some money to ensure there is an issue 23.

Thanks to everyone involved in the current issue as well as all those who have pre-ordered.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Since I started doing 5MANAGERS, a year ago, and while still putting out PUSH at the same time, I was doing the latter on auto pilot to a certain extent. But issue 22 has had me been totally drawn in. There are two truly great interviews. Firstly, with Matt Johnson, best known for his work with The The and also with Youth, again mostly known for his work with Killing Joke. But there is so much more to these two great people. As you will discover in this issue. I truly believe it is the best issue I have done. And I am very proud of it. The interviews are superb but so is every one of the contributors. This is a very strong and engaging issue. 

With photography of Becton Alps by Paul Talling this is the final edited running order:

Emily Harrison
Garry Johnson
Fred ‘Spider’ Rowe; with an introduction by Kosmo Vinyl
Clare Ferguson-Walker
Matt Johnson Interview
Grim Chip
Brian Hamill
Mark Thornhill
Michael Keenaghan
Tim Wells
Ian Cusack
Saira Viola
Youth Interview
Joseph Ridgwell
Steve Finbow
Sophie Cameron 
Ford Dagenham

As you know I normally only charge £2 on the street. But this time it will cost you 3 notes. But worth every penny. To order via Paypal will cost you £4.50. Pre-order at

I'm not fucking about here. This is the best PUSH to date.

And that is saying something because those of you 'in the know' will know that is some fucking statement of intent.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

5MANAGERS End of Season Awards

After an emotional and exciting final season at Upton Park, here are the fanzine’s awards to celebrate what was also a great season for me putting out 4 outstanding issues. Thanks to everyone who bought and supported 5M, including the contributors – Liam Tyrell, Essex Tom, Chip Hamer, Andy Halford, Chas Baxter, Andy Hall, Dave Harvey, David Johnstone and Bobby Ward. 5M Volume 2 will launch in September next season. Putting this ‘best of the season selection’ together was extremely difficult as there were so many highlights on the pitch and in the fanzine. But I think I have got it right. 

5M West Ham Man of the Year

1. Mark Phillips
2. Mark Noble
3. Slaven Bilic

Mark Phillips has gone from the terraces to working his way up on the coaching staff at West Ham for the past 10 years. The spirit of 5MANAGERS has been about an era up until the sacking of John Lyall, the old ground as it once was back then and the connection between fans and the club and even though it would seem obvious to pick Mark Noble or Slaven Bilic, to me Mark is the worthy winner. A West Ham man through and through, one of us, and who knows, he may one day soon move from U18s coach alongside Steve Potts to working with the first team.

5M Interview of the Season

1. Frank Lampard Senior (issue 1)
2. Mark Ward (issue 2)
3. Frank McAvennie (issue 4)

This was the hardest selection. As in my opinion every interview was superb. So I would also like to thank the following as they were all as good as any of the top 3: Irvine Welsh (issue 4), Grant Fleming (issue 2), Jeff Turner (issue 1), Johnny Sissons (issue 4), Jah Wobble (issue 3), John King (issue 2), Kenny Brown & Mark Phillips (issue 3).

5M Player of the Season

1. Dimitri Payet
2. Mark Noble
3. Michail Antonio

5M Goal of the Season

1. Dimitri Payet free kick v Crystal Palace Home 02/04/16
2. Dimitri Payet free kick v Man Utd Away FA Cup 13/04/16
3. Dimitri Payet free kick v Bournemouth Away 12/01/16

5M Home Game of the Season

1. Liverpool FA Cup replay 09/02/16
2. Chelsea 24/10/16
3. Spurs 02/03/16

You’ll note that I haven’t included the final home game. That’s because I criminally didn’t get a ticket despite not missing a previous home game all season.

5M Away Game of the Season

1. Liverpool 29/08/15
2. Man City 19/09/15
3. Arsenal  09/08/15

Thanks again to everyone involved with the fanzine this season. There are still a few reprints of all 4 issues. Email me at if you want more info. Other than that. See you all in Stratford.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


With the third anniversary issue still sitting warm and selling well, out pops issue 21. Some say I have taken my eye off of PUSH since the launch of 5MANAGERS, yet since the conception of all 4 issues of 5M, PUSH has continued to roll and this includes some of the best feedback to date since the fanzine first hit the streets in March 2013.

This is a slick and direct number. And I am very pleased with it. With photography from Paul Talling there is also writing from Micheal Keenaghan, Emily Harrison, Saira Viola, Brett Tidman, Tim Wells, Dean Cavanagh, Grim Chip, Joseph Ridgwell, Dickson Telfer, Jim Gibson and Ford Dagenham.

And available for just £2 on the street (will have copies on me for both Swansea City and Man Utd) but only £3.20 via paypal at

Also, if you have never read PUSH before you can purchase both the current issue and the third anniversary 80 page special for a steal deal of only £5. Just make sure you mention 20/21 in the order.

Can also confirm there has been a limited re-print run of all 4 issues of 5MANAGERS. Only £2 and on sale at final 2 games but if you are not at games email me at paypal address and can sort.

If you want all 6 mags - and why wouldn't you? - again email me for info.

PUSH 21 is a limited edition of 75 copies and expect to sell out possibly by the time West Ham have bid farewell to E13.

I would like to thank everyone, contributors, those interviewed and of course all you great people who have bought/continue to support PUSH & 5MANAGERS. Without you, I could never find the funds to keep this train rolling on.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

5MANAGERS - the final issue

As we draw ever closer to our exit from E13, the final issue of 5MANAGERS is out now.

And couldn't be a better issue. For starters there is an exclusive interview with Frank McAvennie, who talks about all things West Ham and his continued deep love of the club. It was a 90 minute interview that was a real challenge to edit down to work in the mag. But I am certain I have nailed it. Frank like all the players I have interviewed, is a true gentleman.

Issue one had an interview with a West Ham legend who had won two cups at Wembley in 1975 and 1980 - Frank Lampard. In this final issue there is an interview with another West Ham legend who won 2 Wembley medals. The FA Cup in 1964 and European Cup Winners Cup in 1965. The one and only Johnny Sissons.

The third interview is with the acclaimed author Irvine Welsh, his most famous work being Trainspotting, but he is a prolific novelist who has had many of his books and short stories made into films. But did you know how much he loves West Ham? In this exclusive interview he explains the origins of where the claret and blue in his blood came from.

Plus there is great writing and poetry too. 'Nights Under The Lights' by Liam Tyrell and 'Anne Boleyn: Let's Take Her With Us' by Kosmo Vinyl, plus 'Then Like My Dreams' by Chip Hamer make this possibly the best of the 4 issues.

On sale before Man Utd in the FA Cup replay tomorrow. In The Lord Stanley and East Ham Working Mens Club and during in the West Upper and afterwards in The Vic. Copies also on sale for Watford game next week.

Sold on the street for only £2 for 60 pages of real quality.

Or if you cannot make it to the games, then via paypal £3.50 at

Finally thanks to everyone who has bought a copy so far. Your feedback has made it all worthwhile. And of course, to all those who have given up their time to be interviewed and my contributors. Love the whole lot of you.

Our days are now few, I am starting to feel low about leaving the old place, but hopefully we will finish on a high come May.

All the best - Joe

Thursday, 17 March 2016

PUSH 20 - out now

PUSH is into a third year and issue 20 is out now. 74 pages of new writing, poetry and photography.

As you know the PUSH website was set up to celebrate the first anniversary of the fanzine and little has evolved since; primarily because this is about a printed mag not a website. But hopefully my good friend Pills Mills will update the shop page over the next couple of days. Before then you can buy as follows:

On the street £2.50 - at the Mark Noble Testimonial on Easter Monday.

Paypal UK £3.75. Europe £5.50. Rest of World £7.50 - via

Other than that, as per previous posts, many fine writers feature and the mag, as always, is worth every penny. To be honest, should be charging a fiver on the street and a tenner via mail.

Enjoy. It's really not a bad read.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

PUSH 20 - subs closed, issue out next week

I am still getting submissions for issue 20 and all my fault for not stating on here submissions are closed. I have had so many that it is almost an impossible task replying to everyone. I can only apologise that this is the best way for me to say who is in it. At 74 pages it is the largest issue to date and features, the following:

Mark Antony Rossi
Tim Wells
Dean Cavanagh
Ian Cusack
Dean Lilleyman
Jim Gibson
Adelle Stripe
Joseph Ridgwell
Andrew Climance
Michael Keenaghan
Saira Viola
Gary Budden
Raymond Gorman
Scott Thomas Outlar
Graham Old
Ford Dagenham
JM Hewitt 
Martin Appleby

Plus photography from Paul Talling.

It'll be out next week and when I get a price from my printers, I will post on here. But it is almost twice the size of previous issue, so it won't be £2 if you get me.

Sorry to all those that missed out but thank you so much for your submissions. There were no weak links but I had to draw the line as the page count was getting out of control. 

So PUSH 20 goes to the printers next week and info on how to buy will follow.