Sunday, 17 January 2016

PUSH 20 Submissions Open

For the first time since issue 15, PUSH is open for submissions. Issue 20, is the third anniversary of this small wonder. And in 2015 I went all colour cover without dropping the street price from £2. Postage costs rose to £3.50 simply because Paypal take a cut. 

The year also saw the August publication of PUSH 2 by East London Press. So all in all another good year. You can get both PUSH anthologies from the publishers here as well as their latest publication, 'The Girl Who Ate New York' by H.P. Tinker.

So onto PUSH 20. I'm looking for short works of fiction, poetry and artwork. The theme is a combination of Celebration and Sorrow. The latter may encourage some Bowie related work, that would be welcome.

Although I have a loyal body of regulars, I am also reaching out for new voices to make themselves known. The door is wide open. Not sure if there will be any interviews as busy interviewing for my other mag right now and writing them up is hard but rewarding. But let's see what happens. There is definitely an interview lined up for issue 21. But that is all you need to know for now.

Please submit to and put PUSH 20 Subs in the heading. Only submit to this email as I have so many now that I want all submissions in one place. 

What I can confirm is that the issue will include more great photography from Paul Talling.

A few copies of PUSH 19, that includes a rare interview with Linton Kwesi Johnson, are still available from the website

That is all for now, other than my West Ham fanzine that is in association with PUSH and is called 5MANAGERS has both issues 1 and 2 still available. but they are almost sold out. Issue 3 is being put together as I write and I will go into that more soon. Issue 3 will be out for Sunderland at home on Saturday 27 February. PUSH 20 will be out at the end of March and on sale along with 5MANAGERS #3 for Crystal Palace at home on Saturday 2 April. And the final issue of 5MANAGERS will be out for those two final games ever at The Boleyn Ground against Man Utd and Swansea City.

Finally, thank you to everybody who has been involved to date - contributors, those interviewed and you lovely folk, the loyal followers who continue to buy PUSH and even though not even West Ham fans, have also purchased and enjoyed 5MANAGERS. It is 2016 and we are all going to have a good year. But celebration and sorrow will always make themselves known at times, it is what happens every year to everyone of us creatures who inhabit this planet. Because we are only here for such a short time, so never take nothing for granted. Just get writing. 

Looking forward to your subs. Joe x