Friday, 26 February 2016


Issue 3 of 5MANAGERS is out now and includes a Special Feature interview with former Hammer Kenny Brown and current U18s coach Mark Phillips. Both have strong connections with the club that goes back decades; Kenny's dad is of course West Ham legend, Ken Brown, who won the Division 2 title in 1958, the FA Cup in 1964 and the glorious European Cup Winners Cup in 1965.

There is our resident poet Chip Hamer, archeive photography and in the Opposition Viewpoint we are delighted to have East End born and bred, Jah Wobble, the original bass player with Public Image Limited. The interview with this great man is worth the money on the gate alone.

As the days become numbered, and as I started selling on the street at West Ham with my literary mag, PUSH, I have also done a PUSH rough and raw version. The cover is red and you may wonder why. Let me explain. PUSH up until issue 14, was always in a colour card cover, sold cheaply and with a black and white image on the cover. PUSH 9 featuring Grant Fleming was a red cover and proved to be one of the best selling issues: it was the only issue of PUSH ever to get a reprint. So the red cover is a homage to my other mag.

Also red is a lucky colour this season. We have beaten Liverpool 3 times, we will beat Man Utd in the FA Cup Quater Final and Arsenal in the final or possibly the semis. Either way, red has been good for us this season. Also the very first programmes published at West Ham when Syd King was manager, had red font. So now you know.

Both of the first 2 issues are now sold out however I will be doing a Special Final issue that will not only have new interviews and features but also the best of the interviews with the likes of Frank Lampard Senior, Mark Ward, Cockney Rejects etc.

For now. How to buy.

Cost on the street: Red card cover - £1. Glossy colour cover - £2. Both issues - £2.50.

I will be in East Ham Working Mens Club before Sunderland game and in The Black Lion and The Vic after.

I will also be at the Spurs game Wednesday.

If you want to order via Paypal: Red card cover - £2. Glossy colour cover - £3.50. Both issues - £4. Includes postage and the racket money cut Paypal make on every transaction. Paypal to -