Sunday, 6 March 2016

PUSH 20 - subs closed, issue out next week

I am still getting submissions for issue 20 and all my fault for not stating on here submissions are closed. I have had so many that it is almost an impossible task replying to everyone. I can only apologise that this is the best way for me to say who is in it. At 74 pages it is the largest issue to date and features, the following:

Mark Antony Rossi
Tim Wells
Dean Cavanagh
Ian Cusack
Dean Lilleyman
Jim Gibson
Adelle Stripe
Joseph Ridgwell
Andrew Climance
Michael Keenaghan
Saira Viola
Gary Budden
Raymond Gorman
Scott Thomas Outlar
Graham Old
Ford Dagenham
JM Hewitt 
Martin Appleby

Plus photography from Paul Talling.

It'll be out next week and when I get a price from my printers, I will post on here. But it is almost twice the size of previous issue, so it won't be £2 if you get me.

Sorry to all those that missed out but thank you so much for your submissions. There were no weak links but I had to draw the line as the page count was getting out of control. 

So PUSH 20 goes to the printers next week and info on how to buy will follow.

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