Friday, 19 August 2016

PUSH 22 has hit the streets

After a week of trauma at the printers, which undertook a second large print run, PUSH 22 has finally arrived. I have called it the best issue to date. A firm statement of intent as I truly believe in all previous issues. With 2 superb interviews - Matt Johnson (The The) and Youth (Killing Joke), respectively - there is also the best counter culture cutting edge poetry and fiction plus the brilliant photography of Derelict London's Paul Talling.

PUSH 22 will be available to buy at West Ham v Bournemouth on Sunday in The Refreshment Rooms and The Carpenters Arms and inside the ground, if I can get away with it at this new place.

On the street at only £3 for what is basically a small book.

It will be on the website shop page soon but for now you can paypal £4.50 to

I said it is the best yet. Now buy a copy and see if I am right. Also well out of pocket due to issues we had with first print run, and as I am self-funded I never make from any publication, but will definitely lose out big time even if it sells out (which it will) but do need to recoup some money to ensure there is an issue 23.

Thanks to everyone involved in the current issue as well as all those who have pre-ordered.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Since I started doing 5MANAGERS, a year ago, and while still putting out PUSH at the same time, I was doing the latter on auto pilot to a certain extent. But issue 22 has had me been totally drawn in. There are two truly great interviews. Firstly, with Matt Johnson, best known for his work with The The and also with Youth, again mostly known for his work with Killing Joke. But there is so much more to these two great people. As you will discover in this issue. I truly believe it is the best issue I have done. And I am very proud of it. The interviews are superb but so is every one of the contributors. This is a very strong and engaging issue. 

With photography of Becton Alps by Paul Talling this is the final edited running order:

Emily Harrison
Garry Johnson
Fred ‘Spider’ Rowe; with an introduction by Kosmo Vinyl
Clare Ferguson-Walker
Matt Johnson Interview
Grim Chip
Brian Hamill
Mark Thornhill
Michael Keenaghan
Tim Wells
Ian Cusack
Saira Viola
Youth Interview
Joseph Ridgwell
Steve Finbow
Sophie Cameron 
Ford Dagenham

As you know I normally only charge £2 on the street. But this time it will cost you 3 notes. But worth every penny. To order via Paypal will cost you £4.50. Pre-order at

I'm not fucking about here. This is the best PUSH to date.

And that is saying something because those of you 'in the know' will know that is some fucking statement of intent.