Sunday, 11 December 2016

5MANAGERS - The London Stadium Issue

After last season's editions of the what was to be a one season only fanzine celebrating the end of an era watching football in E13, here we are again with a special issue. It had been planned for the best of the first 4 issues to be published as a book by East London Press - Mark Ward had already written the foreward and the book was intended to be the perfect stocking filler for Christmas. But with events as they have unfolded since August, the book has been put on hold until spring and another edition put together.

This issue, unlike all that went before, does not have any player interviews. This is all about voices from the terraces. And it covers all aspects of what has been going on and what all those think the future holds in store. It has a very balanced cross section of opinion and I am very pleased with the end result and think it will be considered a very important issue, not just right now, but in years to come.

Features contributions from Mick Webber, Brett Tidman, Paul Woods, Neil Taylor, Nigel Kahn, Jamie Hall, Jon Trevor, Jeff Turner, Ray Bussey, Dave Stannard, John McCrea, Liam Tyrell, Chip Hamer, Andy Clugston and Andy Halford.

A steal at only £2 and on sale Wednesday at Burnley game. Early doors in The Vic, Plaistow, then heading over Stratford at a pub or two (TBC).

If you can't make game (and I will not be about for Hull on Saturday due to work) then you can purchase by post via Paypal for £3.50 at